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How to utilize Instanobel features to get more
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Instanobel Guide


Instanobel offers the most complete Instagram automation tool. Scheduled posts keep up your social presence, and smart targeting besides comprehensive filters help you reach your niche audience. Most importantly, automated activities guarantee your engagement and exposure to the relevant and desirable targets.

This guide lets you master our Instagram bot and employ its features at your service. Here we give you sufficient information about all the Instanobel's features, practical benefits, and restrictions. Therefore, you can safely use our services and take the most out of Instanobel based on your purpose of promoting on Instagram.

We did our best to ensure that this guide is an accurate representation of the Instanobel Instagram bot functionality. In addition, we update this page regularly, and we would appreciate any feedback on this guide. Please send your comments to us through our Contact page.

First Steps

Before getting started

Using Instanobel is absolutely safe, if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have access to the email that you have used for registration in Instagram. This is important because if Instagram detects suspicious activity on your account, it forces you to reset your password and you need that email to do so. You can find it by clicking on "Edit your profile" in your Instagram app.
  2. Ensure that your Instagram account has a profile picture, a complete bio and at least 5 published photos or videos.
  3. Your Instagram contents do not violate rules of Instagram.

Getting started

  1. Please use a valid email to Signup. After that, to get on the Instanobel application, you need to log in with your Instagram credentials. We won’t store your password and use it only to get necessary information for Instagram API.
  2. A free trial of 3 days will be added automatically to the first Instagram account you connect to Instanobel. No credit card is required for the free trial. Also, it includes all our services (Instagram bot, Automated direct message and Comment tracker).
  3. You must add a target to start the engine of the bot. If you don’t add any target, the bot does nothing. We recommend you to keep the number of your targets under 20. In the next section, we will explain more about targeting in our system.
  4. At the very beginning, you might be facing "Confirm a login attempt" or "Reset Password" requests from Instagram. It is because you have connected to Instagram through a new device (our app). Follow and fulfill Instagram requests. After that, you must reconnect your Instagram account to Instanobel.

Buying time

Buying time is easy, And all the payments are secured by PayPal.
Just click on paid_days-tt"Paid days" at the top-center of the Instanobel app. In the opened page you can select your desired service among Instagram bot, Direct, and Comment tracker.
Then choose the number of days for your purchase and finally click on "Checkout".
If you have multiple accounts on our system, you’d better click on balance-tt"Balance" at the top-right of the Instanobel app to charge your balance.
Then use your balance to divide paid days into each of your accounts.

Instanobel - Buy Time


After adding your Instagram account, the first thing you need to do is adding new targets. Click on the "+ New Target" button, to add your desired targets: Instanobel Instagram Bot - Add Target

Followers of an Instagram account

The first tab in the new window is "Followers", here you can target followers of an Instagram account. Here you can interact with your competitors’ Instagram followers
Try to find some popular accounts that are similar to yours.
Your content attracts people who have followed those accounts. So they find your page interesting and will probably start to follow you.

Target active followers

Check "Only likers and commenters", if you want the bot to only interact with followers who are usually liking and commenting on the target page.
It leads to being in touch with engaging Instagram followers. But it will increase the skipped number for that target.

Instanobel - Add New Instagram Target


In the second tab, you can add locations such as cities, districts, public places etc. as a target.
When you choose a location target, the bot interacts with the people who have published Instagram posts in that place.
Geolocation targeting is suitable for the ones who are looking for local Instagram followers.

Instanobel - Add Target by Location


In the third tab, you can target Instagram hashtags.
To achieve better results, we have divided hashtag targeting into two different kinds:
Owner: target the users who have used a specific hashtag in their post.
Lovers: target the people who have liked the posts with that particular hashtag.

Instanobel - Add Target by Hashtag


In the last tab, you can upload a text file containing Instagram username "IDs."
Then your Instagram Bot will interact with those accounts.
This is the most accurate kind of targeting.
You browse on Instagram and look for your specific audiences. Make a list of their IDs and set the bot to work on them.

Instanobel - Bulk Targets

Target Customization

When you add targets, each of them appears on your app separately. Consequently, you can turn On or Off like, comment and follow activities for each of your targets. Also, you can see the number of activities which have been performed by your Instagram bot.

If you don’t want to promote by commenting (i.e., you don’t want the bot to post comments on your behalf) turn comments off for all your targets.

Instanobel Instagram Bot - Targets

Promotion Settings

In the promotion settings, there are five tabs: Actions, Filters, Unfollow, Comment and Limits. In the following lines, we will explain each tab and its practical benefits.


In this tab you can define the detail of actions which are performing by your Instagram bot. Click on each action title to see its description.

Instanobel Settings - Actions


Filters tab has a lot of options which help you reach your target audience precisely. Here you restrict the bot to be in contact with accounts which match your interests. Using these filters enable you to get relevant Instagram followers to your niche. These followers are active and engaging, and they could be your future customers as well. To see each options description, click on the relevant title below:

Instanobel Settings - Filters


Instanobel Settings - Unfollow

Instanobel Settings - Comment

Instanobel Settings - Limits

Monitor and improve your Instagram growth

Instanobel Instagram bot starts to work on the users based on the targets that you have chosen. Therefore, gaining Instagram followers significantly depends on your targets. If you want to improve your Instagram growth constantly, you need to watch over your targets. In the following lines, we will explain how to do it.

If you look at the picture, you see a target, let’s define two critical parameters of a target:


Aggregated number of likes, comments and follows which has been done by your Instagram bot.


The ratio of the number of followers which you have gained from that target to the coverage of that target.
Instanobel Conversion Formula Conversion is the most important parameter in Instanobel. It helps you find out whether your chosen target is good enough or not. In order to improve your Instagram growth, you need to observe the conversion of your targets in appropriate time intervals.

Instanobel Coverage and Conversion

Targets Statistic

Inside your dashboard, you are able to get statistics of your targets based on their Status and Type with a Time period filter. To do so, set your custom filters on Status, Type and Time and click on Apply button. Then you can see statistics of your bot activities in that time period. Among them the most valuable one is Conversion. (Don't forget to press More button for getting stats of Follows, Likes, Comments, Unfollows and Skipped activities) Instanobel - Targets Statistic To get started with Instanobel, we recommend you to add about 10 targets. Then after a couple of days watch over their conversion rate. Remove the targets which have a conversion less than 5% and add new ones.
You should do this process at least one time in a week to get the most out of your Instagram bot. Some targets show you high conversion at the beginning. But after some days maybe they don’t work that well. We suggest choosing one week for time and check the conversion of your targets.